Who We are and What We do

Computer Evidence Specialists LLC (CES LLC) provides investigative genetic genealogy (IGG) services to Law Enforcement, Medical Examiners and Coroners, as well as select private clients.  CES, which was formed by former FBI Agents, has been successfully providing investigative assistance to federal, state and local agencies and private clients for over 20 years.  We believe that IGG is one of the most significant tools to impact on violent crime investigations in the last several decades as well as assisting authorities with identifying unidentified human remains.  CES provides IGG services to law enforcement to provide leads for the identification of potential suspects in cold cases and recent cases where rapid identification of a possible suspect is critical to public safety as well as to identify unidentified human remains.

How We do What We do

Our Investigative Genetic Genealogists are educated and experienced in conducting extensive investigative  genetic genealogical analysis.  Our team utilizes the latest tools and analytical techniques available in the field of IGG.  Our processes and outcomes adhere to the Genealogical Proof Standards.  We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and viable IGG offering in the field to law enforcement and medical examiners and coroners.   

Our Laboratory Partner

CES utilizes the services of InterMountain Forensics to conduct the DNA required lab services.  The provided services include:

  • DNA extraction
  • Sequencing
  • Bio-Informatics
  • SNP profile upload to GedMatch and/or FTDNA

The Costs of What We do

CES provides our IGG services at no cost to law enforcement, medical examiners and coroners and we pay for all DNA laboratory services on cases we work on.  CES is self-funded and is not dependent on donations to conduct IGG services. 

Why We do What We do

CES is a financially successful company and we believe in giving back to the law enforcement community that we came from and in assisting families who have experienced a loss to their family in obtaining some closure.

Our Team

At the core of CES’s IGG work is a team of experienced IGG analysts who are all graduates of Ramapo College of New Jersey’s Investigative Genetic Genealogy Certificate Program.  The IGG team at CES is comprised of professional genealogists trained in investigative genetic genealogy with a myriad of backgrounds to include former law enforcement investigators with experience in homicides and other violent crimes.   Our team also includes investigative analysts and technical support personnel. 

How to Contact Us

Call us at (800) 517-1570 or fill out the form below.