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Job Description Summary: 

Recall Audit Inspectors are detail-oriented people who conduct Recall Audit Checks for the FDA. This is an independent contractor opening and work is conducted on a part-time, case-volume basis. The Recall Audit Inspector will work with the FDA Recall Operations branch to provide critical support to FDA’s recall program. Inspectors will conduct recall audit checks (RACS) to monitor a recalling firm’s removal of recalled products from distribution channels and to assist FDA in refining lists of retail level stores that may have sold products subject to recall. 


•The Recall Audit Inspector shall conduct RAC assignments by visiting the assigned consignee or by telephone calls, as described in the RAC assignment memo provided by FDA. 

•Conduct a RAC primarily to confirm the consignee received and followed the instructions in the recall notification and that the recalled product has been removed from sale, corrected, and properly dispositioned. 

•Determine if the consignee further distributed the product and/or created a new product by repacking, relabeling, or using the recalled product to create a new product. 

•Provide information if the consignee is unaware of the recall and to note the consignee’s intended actions to comply or not comply with the recall instructions contained in the firm’s recall notification. 

•Check the product labeling, coding, ingredient statements, instructions for use, manuals, etc., to verify the product is not subject to recall. 

•Determine Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the consignee or provide proof the audit was conducted at the designated address (e.g., by photo). 


Required qualifications/skills: 

•Applicants must possess or have the following applicable technologies easily assessable: computer, printer, scanner, smart phone
•Must be reliable, excellent time management skills, attention to detail, and strong communication.
•Applicant must not have any prior felony convictions.
•Applicant must complete a background check (federal standards) 


Preferred qualifications/skills: 



Supervisory Responsibilities: 



Office Equipment (if a WFH position): 


•Printer/Scanner combination 

•Smart Phone